If your air conditioner quits – don’t panic. Give us a call; sometimes we can fix your problem over the phone without paying a dime.  After all, if it’s something simple, why should you be penalized?

If you do need a serviceman, he will get your unit cooling again “In Hours Not Days”.  We have most systems running again in just a few hours.  Plus, we stock parts for all air conditioners over ten years old in addition to the newer units to save you money.  So you don’t have to pay extra for “hard to find” parts.

Also, our prices are quite modest.  You only pay a Low Flat Rate for the diagnosis and repair.  You never pay for extra labor hours.  So, you don’t have to worry about a repairman turning into an expensive “houseguest”

One more thing that is important.  Your repair isn’t considered complete until your air conditioner has run perfectly for three months.  If your air conditioner fails for any reason under our guarantee we will fix it FREE

Call Now To Receive Guaranteed Service.




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