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Wire Decking

Rack Men Equipment has a wide selection of wire deck products for customers who need a warehouse racking system that’s durable, versatile and safe. We make safety our number one concern on every project and recommend wire decking in many cases since it offers increased access for overhead fire suppression systems, extra protection from falling debris and better visibility for your, staff. Adding wire decking also increases the structural stability of your racks and allows your racking to safely support pallets with a wide variety of dimensions. At Rack Men, you’ll find outstanding wire deck products from many of the industry’s most trusted brands, such as Wireway Husky and Nashville Wire, so you’ll know that they’re durable enough to withstand the wear and tear of your business’s operations. Whether your business needs a wire deck for Interlake Mecalux pallet racks or a new mezzanine for some extra storage capacity, you can trust Rack Men to install your warehouse storage equipment right. Our professional, highly trained staff always arrives in our clearly marked company trucks with all of the equipment needed to work both safely and efficiently. We also offer a buy-back program and can safely dismantle and remove any old or unneeded storage equipment to help you save money and clear out space when it’s time to upgrade. For more information on our wire deck products or any of our other warehouse equipment, contact Rack Men Equipment today.

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